Art Submission

Recommended File Types

Vector based files include .ai & .eps files.

Currently, some .pdf files contain vector artwork embedded in them. If you email us your .pdf, we will see if it contains the appropriate vector art.

We prefer vector based artwork because we have more options when creating your sign.

Vector based graphics allow us to scale your artwork to any size without losing resolution. Also, we can output the artwork to cut vinyl, digital printing, or routing.

Fonts/Text Submission

Before submitting your vector files please convert your fonts to outlines or paths.

Raster based files include .tif, .psd, .jpg, and sometimes .eps files.

Raster files (like photos and renderings) will limit your sign output to being digitally printed.

File Resolution

A minimum resolution of 100-150 dpi at 100% file size will be acceptable for many signage applications. Keep in mind a 200-300 dpi at a 50% file size will scale up proportionately. As a general rule, higher resolution files provide a nicer output, but is usually only necessary for larger, grand format images.

Color Format

Setup your files in CMYK color format. Make sure all imported/embedded images are also in CMYK color format. Although not always necessary, we would appreciate if PMS color information was included when a job is submitted, in order to further supplement the artwork.

Upload Files

Click below to upload your design files: